Digital Marketing for Authors

The BrightBook Brand (owned by Romancing Europe LLC) was created to focus on authors and storytellers. We create captivating work designed to give our clients a competitive edge. Going beyond inspiration, we rely on what's working now, and the trends we see on the horizon to ensure that our work is not only beautiful but effective.


A Changing Market

Writers need to focus on their writing, but the market is now visual, social, and mobile. New titles must compete with hundreds of millions of established titles and mobile-optimized free stories available online. To have any chance of success, writers need to follow effective marketing strategies; smarter isn't always more expensive.

Emerging Trends

To reach new readers, authors need to research their place in the market, identify opportunities, form a digital marketing strategy, create visually compelling content, and maintain consistent activity. 

And, for those authors who want to stand out, taking advantage of emerging storytelling methods such as V-Books, Chat Stories, and Twine stories for advertising can significantly boost the chance of connecting with new fans.


Meet The Team


Morgan Nicholas-Karpiel

Founder, CEO

Romancing Europe


Writer, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketing Specialist for Authors

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Mateusz Wilk

Photographer, Filmographer, Graphic Artist

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Andrzej Karpiel

Graphic Designer,  Interactive Media Specialist