Bright Book Media is a new kind of fiction publisher. We create immersive audio stories set in richly-detailed 3D cinematic environments. For us, this is the beginning of an important transformation, one that merges the experience of language-rich storytelling with the power of metaverse gaming technology.

The real world demands a lot from us. We don't always have the time or focus to enjoy the things we like the most. That's why we design our stories as stand-alone scenes so that we can transport you right into the experience you want to have,  no matter where it happens in the natural plot. To experience a story from beginning to end, you can watch its playlist.

You control the journey

We bring the quality

We believe in the power stories have to connect us, not just to each other and the rich diversity of perspectives that fill our world, but also to our deeper emotional selves.  Our mission is to deliver diverse, exceptional story experiences that resonate with fiction lovers everywhere.

We support other creators

It's not all about us. If you're an author who would like to be published on our channels, let us know! We're open to contributors.

Want to use a video sequence? Visit our store to find downloadable sequence videos you can use to create your own stories.

If you're a publisher who needs help putting an immersive story scene together, we can help you create a budget, adapt a script, choose an immersive world, and make it happen. You can find out more here.




For more details on the prices for 180, 360, and VR experiences, or for add-ons like custom characters and animation, or if you'd just like to set up an online meeting for a creative brief - let us know and we will contact you shortly.

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