What Is A Chat Story?

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

Chat Stories and Tap Stories:

What Are They and Why Do They Matter?

Chat stories are mobile phone native fiction stories presented in a series of automated text messages. The messages can either be timed or can appear when you tap the screen of your mobile device. The art of mobile phone chat stories relies on the dialog between two or more characters, and the ability of the author to create tension and suspense without the usual amount of description and narration that would normally be used to tell the story. It is 100% dialog.

Tap stories use the same mobile native text format but can be parts of a narrated story—without needing to be contained in a chat exchange.

Both forms of storytelling appeal to younger readers, so if you’re writing YA, or you want to attract more mobile native readers, chat and tap stories are an excellent way to entertain and intrigue them.


1. Storytelling is interactive and engaging

2. Studies show that Chat and Tap stories generate greater read-through rates

3. Basic stories are quick and easy to make.

4. Stories can include photographs, videos, backgrounds, even sound effects to set and keep the mood.


1. To get the full effect of what the author has created, the reader has to download the mobile platform app (Wattpad Tap, Hooked, Cliffhanger, etc…)

2. Not all platforms accept user generated content. Some require authors to apply and be accepted.

3. It can be difficult to market the stories on their native platforms.

You can check out our Chat and Tap stories by downloading the Wattpad Tap app from the Apple or Play stores and search for either M Orenda or Brightbook.

While you’re there, have fun reading and interacting with the stories on the site, and be sure to welcome the spark of inspiration when it comes. For help creating your own Chat stories, send us a message or book an appointment with us for an interactive content design meeting. We look forward to reading your story!

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